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Understanding the basics of biochemistry, DNA, genetics, disease, drugs and immunity for everyone

by Dr Peter H. Kay, PhD


Understanding the basics of biochemistry, DNA, genetics, disease, drugs and immunity for everyone by Dr Peter H. Kay, PhD

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The author of this educational article, Dr. Peter H Kay, spent many years in academia in Australia as a teacher and researcher in a wide range of medical and biological sciences. He has published over 80 articles in world class scientific publication outlets. He has taught students of all ages including high school students, undergraduates, medical students, post-graduate students and PhD students. He has also taught many medical science based subjects to complementary healthcare practitioners worldwide. Dr Kay currently runs the successful Homeovitality Natural Super Health Clinic in Preston, UK.

From his teaching experiences over the years, he has identified key areas with which many students have had difficulties coming to terms with. In this unique publication, he has addressed all these student difficulties. He has introduced the basics of genetics, including pharmacogenetics and nutrigenetics and genetic diseases, biochemistry, cell biology, molecular biology, immunity and immunopathology in an easy to read format.

Because the subject matter of this book is designed to understand more about health and disease, it is of great benefit to all health care practitioners such as nurses, paramedics and other hospital staff as well as all complementary health carers. Because it is science based it is also of great benefit to a wide range of science students from all secondary and tertiary educational institutions.

At the end of each chapter, there is a series of multiple choice questions that enable the reader to carry out their own self-assessment programmes.


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